F#02: Creeping Dread


Name: Creeping Dread

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: Mouse sized relative of the Lingering Horror, the Creeping Dread is physically similar, but with the addition of a furry ruff at its neck, and the head typically resembling an elongated mammalian skull, reminiscent of that of a mouse or rat.

Notes: See Lingering Horror. The Creeping Dread has a similar, if less noticeable, effect; leading me to hypothesise a link between the size of the creature, and the strength and radius of the emotional response.

Creeping Dreads typically live in colonies of 10-30 members that nest in dark, warm spaces- for example, under the SI’s office floor. As I write this, Evelyn and Keeley are taking up the floorboards, and Bartholomew is making excuses to stay in the archives. Hopefully this will help solve the recent issues with team morale.  

Entry Compiled by: Jesper Beattie

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