F#03: Grinn

Name: Grinn

Class: Malignant

Designation: Fauna

Description: The Grinn has a wide mouth, and far too many teeth. Its head is crowned with five horns, and its body is covered with coarse grey hair. It has four strong fingers on each hand; and only two limbs*.

Notes: WARNING: subject is highly aggressive. Do not approach without appropriate safety gear. Avoid taking under-qualified personnel on capture/release jobs.

The Grinn: A leering, hairy creature that enjoys inflicting mortifying terror upon its victims.

Grinns are often found pressing their faces to windows at night, dropping down on passers-by from trees, and reaching up from drains to grab laces and feet with strong, leathery hands. If they can, they like to remove clumps of the victim’s hair by pulling violently. No one seems to know why they go for hair- nesting, perhaps, or a trophy.

Luckily, Grinns prefer rural environments to urban. Occasionally one will wander into the city; but you’re more likely to find one in a barn than a bus shelter**.

Entry Compiled by: Bartholomew Moon

*This is more than enough

** though I don’t make any promises about parks.


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