F#04: Forest Walker

Name: Forest Walker

Class: Dangerous

Designation: Fauna

Description: Deceptively fragile-looking, the Forest Walker appears at first to be a handful of sticks growing from a branch, or a tangle of mossy deadwood. The only thing that might give it away is the green, glowing eyes.

Notes: Referred to in folklore as the guardians of the forest, Forest Walkers are in fact highly territorial woodland-dwellers; and will attack if they feel under threat. They are well camouflaged, which I suspect has contributed to their folkloric status. They are a predatory species, eating insects, arachnids, small mammals and, if they can catch them, birds.

I assisted Jesper and Lesley in the field to attempt to catch one for study; but all I caught was a chill. It wasn’t a wasted trip, however; Lesley confirmed that Forest Walkers do not have mouths, instead using those facial root things to suck out the innards of their prey- or take a blood sample from agents who weren’t wearing their gloves.

Jesper is sulking, because he was convinced they were venomous. Lesley hasn’t keeled over yet.  

Entry Compiled by: Bartholomew Moon


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