Archive#03: Meet the Seaflower Institute Staff



Evelyn Morris: Founder, Field Agent                                                             

Evelyn founded the Seaflower Institute in 2000 to continue her great-great grandmother’s legacy, after researching her disappearance from Revery in the 1770s. Born with the Sight, Evelyn has had a life-long fascination with the occult, and has previously worked as a travel writer on the subject.

20170316_185814Bartholomew Moon: Finances, Archivist, Evelyn’s half brother

All hail Bartholomew, do-er of paperwork and wrangler of bills.






20170314_161402Dr Jesper Beattie, PHD: Specialist Research, Field Agent

Occult zoologist with a MA in occult Ecology, Jesper’s Thesis was on the mating habits of inter-dimensional venomous moles.







20170314_152647Keeley ‘Kay’ Claremont: Specialist Research,
Field Agent

A botanist with a degree from the London School of Phytology, and daughter of a pharmaceutical research empire.






20170314_224424Lesley Drysden: Field Agent.

Ex-police, Lesley retired early for undisclosed reasons, and moved to Revery with her young daughter. She quickly became an invaluable team member, primarily for her heavy lifting abilities, and because she knows which end of the taser is the dangerous one.






20170314_185529Thursday Madaki: Intern

Thursday came to the institute as a work experience student, and just sort of stuck. Makes terrible coffee.

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