(OOC) On posting schedules and such.

Click below to break immersion.

And with that, I calmly stick my fist through the shiny glass of fiction.


I am Ele, the writer/artist/whatever behind the Seaflower Institute. If you want to know more about me for some reason, you can click the mysterious X on the menu bar, or go to the side for my etsy (cool stuff pending) or my twitter (where I ramble, but with a character limit).

But: I am not here to talk about me. I am here to talk posting schedules, what you can expect from this site etc etc.

Posting wise, I update twice a week: Thursdays for the archives posts, Sundays for the Creature/Plant/Artifact entries. OOC posts like this are a bonus, obviously. Also, this week’s archives post is something slightly different- that will be up shortly after this, so go check it out!

This site grew from my love of epistolary fiction, telling stories through documents, letters, diaries etc; instead of more traditional pose. I also wanted to combine my writing with my weirdcute sculptures and artdolls. Let’s see how this goes…

Final thing I want to talk about: You.

Hi, You! How are you? Any questions? What I’m saying is: don’t be shy if you want to comment, ask, say hi, etc.

Thanks to those who have promo’d, retweeted and shared: Jezz, Alex, Emma, Amelia and Damon. You guys rock.

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