F#05: Griffinch (Avum Pilosus Parvus)


Name: Griffinch (Avum Pilosus Parvus)

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: A small brown-grey member of the Avum Pilosus family, a hexmembra vertebrate. (Note by KC: by this, Jesper means it is a ‘hairy bird’, and has six limbs. Can’t you just say that, Jesper?)

Notes: Driven to near extinction in the victorian era, Avum Pilosus Parvus (Note by KC: it’s a Griffinch, use the cute name damn it) has finally made a significant comeback in the last decade.

Its diet consists mainly of seeds, though it will also consume berries and insects as required. The Griffinch (common name, a play on the name of a larger Avum Pilosus, and the mundane bird family of finches) (Note by KC:…he ruined it.) is a solitary creature, and prefers undeveloped woodland, in which it blends well with its surroundings.

If trying to find one in the wild, look for small paw prints in the mud at the edges of puddles; and listen out for a mid range, swooping and repetitive alarm call- it will spot you before you spot it.
Entry Compiled by: Jesper Beattie



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