F#06: Moonskims

Name: Moonskim

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: Bat-like, the moonskim has a furry body and leathery wings. Not so bat-like: four legs (Note by JB: rear legs border upon vestigial) and large eyes that appear to have no pupil. (Note by JB: magnification of the eye shows minuscule pupil) (Note by KC: Jesper, if you want to write this entry you could just say so).

The moonskim has large ears, and needle-like teeth that bite like a (word redacted) (Note by KC: Really?).

Fig.A: Field sketch of moonskim and nest

Notes: Diet consisting of insects, the moonskim thrives in marshy conditions where there is plenty of food most of the year round. Unlike bats, they are nest builders; using mud and dead plant matter to construct pods that cling to the trunks of trees (see fig.A).

(Note by JB: This entry seems a little sparse) (Note by KC: They are basically bats, Jesper. Invisible magic bats. What more can I say? I’m a botanist.)
Entry Compiled by: Keeley Claremont, and Jesper Beattie, apparently.

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