Fl#02: ‘Sprout’

Name: ‘Sprout’ species unknown20170402_201242

Class: Neutral

Designation: Flora

Description: A small, firm root ‘body’ capable of slow movement via two ‘feet’ clusters of lateral roots. From the top of the root sprouts a cotyledon (seed leaf). He’s really CUTE, and while i shouldn’t have favourite among the plant specimens… he’s totally my favourite.

Notes: Sprout was brought into the institute by a local, who found him shuffling along the main road. At the time he was only about 3cm high, and he had no leaves, just a small green shoot.

We’ve never seen anything like him, before or since. He grows about 2cm a year. He seems to prefer soil up to his ears, so he can stick his head up and see what’s going on. We aren’t sure he’s actually sentient, but he gives the impression, anyway.

Repotted him today! He’s getting so big. Yes you are. Good Sprout.
Entry compiled by: Keeley Claremont


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