F#07: ‘Percy’, Domestic Manticore

Name: ‘Percy’/ Domestic Manticore (Mardyakhor Mansueti)/ Mr Eyebrows

Class: Benign

Designation: Fauna

Description: Fluffy, tan and grey, house cat-sized mammal with a short bobtail. Usually has eyes squinted closed; when opened, the iris is bright red.

More pictures below

Notes: Percy was a gift from Ms Eliza Knights-Herbert of 23 Rose Street, Revery. Ms Knights-Herbert is a domestic manticore breeder by trade (see certification below).

Percy is a highly intelligent creature, and has proven difficult to study- Jesper refused to work with him after one session, and insists that Percy ‘knocked [his] tea on the floor’ and ‘dissolved [his] pen’ with his eyes. These results couldn’t be replicated, except for the cup knocking. But Percy does that to anyone who annoys him.

Jesper would also like me to note that he doesn’t think that Percy is a manticore at all, despite Ms Knights-Herbert’s authenticated certification. What he thinks Percy actually is, he couldn’t say.

Percy is fed on a diet of raw hearts, which Ms Knights-Herbert delivers weekly. He sleeps on my desk, and makes an excellent knee warmer in the winter.


Entry compiled by: Bartholomew Moon


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