Hey folks! Life has been in a little upheaval recently, and as much as I’ve tried to not let it effect my posting schedule…obviously it has. Hopefully things are back on track now, but it has been making me think about my progress with the webcomic.

In February I passed the one year mark. When I started Seaflower, I didn’t plan on making it into a comic. It was an exercise in epistolary story telling, or making a narrative out of documents (newspaper clippings, memos etc.)

Overall, I think the comic is a much better way for me to tell this particular story. However, the earlier parts are still in their epistolary format, and I think that needs to change! so, for the next few weeks the ongoing comic will be on pause while I go back and fill in the gaps. There will still be a new comic every week, but they will be comic versions of those old early entries.

Let’s see how this goes!

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