F#24: Domestic Manticore Kitten

‘Beep’ Domesticated Manticore Mardyakhor Mansueti

 There are many reasons why people might rehome a manticore bred by Eliza Knights-Herbert of 23 Rose Street, Revery. Most of these reasons relate back to their finicky personailities, or the ability to dissolve things just by looking at them.

Beep, however, was left with us at the institute because she is blind. Her previous family were displeased with her lack of laser vision, and feared she would no longer be an effective burgalar deterrent- a legitimate concern.

Luckily, Beep has found a new forever home, and will only be staying with us briefly before travelling to Gloucestershire- our resident manticore Percy will miss her.

F#04: Forest Walker

Name: Forest Walker

Class: Dangerous

Designation: Fauna

Description: Deceptively fragile-looking, the Forest Walker appears at first to be a handful of sticks growing from a branch, or a tangle of mossy deadwood. The only thing that might give it away is the green, glowing eyes.

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