F#23: Wyrm Hatchlings

Wyrm Hatchlings (Northen European Wyrm) 

Dragon species

When we got the call about an ‘infestation of worms’, we might have reacted a mite too hastily with our stock (polite!) ‘we are a research institute, not Revery Pest Control’ response.

After the miscommunication was cleared up, we arrived at a small garden in the suburbs- only to find these week-old specimens of the European small wyrm causing havoc and destruction in their pursuit of a Sunday dinner.

These dragons are rarely found in built up areas (and almost never in the south of England) and there was no sign of the parent wyrm, who normally feeds young in the nest until they are a month old. It seemed as if the babies had been fending for themselves for a few days- feeding on insects and tearing up the garden in the process.

After a short (but chaotic) pursuit, Evelyn and I caught all three at the same time and took them back to the institute.

They have settled down in the break room in Keeley’s hat, whilst we contact the South West Dragon Centre to see if they have a spare pen…

F#08: Wyvern Hatchling

Name: Wyvern Hatchling (‘Green Glass Scale’)

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: Green skinned with soft, transparent scales and large yellow eyes. Wyverns have a pair of wings as forelimbs, differentiating them from other dragon species, which typically have four legs + wings.

Notes: This wyvern hatched this morning, the first successful birth of its species in the South West Dragon Centre! Critically endangered, the ‘Green Glass’ Wyvern is named for its transparent scales, which take years to harden as it matures. This vulnerability has left the small dragon species struggling, but efforts to breed them in captivity are finally paying off.

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